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 Our company offers a comprehensive range of services in both the marine and energy sectors. In marine services, you provide tailored vessel finance solutions, assistance with vessel ownership, procurement of second-hand vessels, vessel evaluation and inspection, drafting of Memorandums of Agreement, and vessel sourcing and brokerage, including partnership-based brokerage through a network of industry partners. In the energy sector, your services span from marketing and promotion of energy products to comprehensive business plan development, contract drafting, energy trade consultancy, international representation, project-based business planning, organizing business meetings, market analysis, risk assessment, compliance consulting, and CTRM and ERP system consultancy. These services are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients in the marine and energy industries, focusing on efficiency, compliance, and market optimization.

Marine Services

  1. Vessel Finance Services

    • Tailored financing solutions for vessel acquisition and operations.

    • Expert consultation on optimal financing structures and terms.

  2. Vessel Ownership Assistance

    • Comprehensive guidance on vessel ownership procedures and regulations.

    • Assistance with ownership transfer documentation and legal compliance.

  3. Second-Hand Vessel Purchase Services

    • Sourcing and procurement of quality second-hand vessels.

    • Negotiation of purchase terms and conditions on behalf of clients.

  4. Vessel Evaluation and Inspection

    • Detailed vessel condition assessments by certified inspectors.

    • Comprehensive evaluation reports covering technical and operational aspects.

  5. Drafting Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

    • Professional drafting of MOAs for vessel transactions.

    • Legal expertise to ensure agreements are comprehensive and compliant.

  6. Vessel Sourcing and Brokerage

    • Locating vessels that meet specific client requirements and budgets.

    • Brokerage services for vessel purchase, including price negotiation and transaction management.

  7. Partnership-Based Vessel Purchase Brokerage

    • Collaborative brokerage services through our extensive network of partners.

    • Facilitation of seamless transactions with trusted industry players.

Commodity and Energy Services

  1. Marketing and Promotion of Energy and Commodity Products

    • Tailored marketing strategies for energy and commodity products.

    • Promotion and advertisement across various channels to maximize reach and engagement.

  2. Business Plan Development for Energy and Commodity Trade

    • Crafting comprehensive business plans tailored to the energy and commodity trade sector.

    • In-depth market analysis and strategy formulation for trade operations.

  3. Contract Drafting and Editing Services

    • Professional drafting and editing of contracts, MOUs, and related legal documents.

    • Ensuring legal accuracy and compliance in all contractual agreements.

  4. Energy Trade and Infrastructure Consultancy

    • Expert consultancy services focusing on energy trade processes and infrastructure development.

    • Providing insights and recommendations for effective energy trade operations.

  5. International Representation and Customer Engagement

    • Representing the company in global forums and in front of international customers.

    • Building and maintaining robust international client relationships.

  6. Project-Based Business Plan Drafting

    • Developing detailed business plans for specific energy-related projects.

    • Aligning project objectives with market opportunities and financial projections.

  7. Organizing and Conducting Business Meetings

    • Facilitating business meetings based on company requests.

    • Ensuring productive and goal-oriented discussions with stakeholders.

  8. Market Analysis and Risk Assessment

    • Conducting thorough market analysis to identify trends and opportunities in the energy sector.

    • Comprehensive risk assessment and management in energy trading and operations.

  9. Compliance Consulting

    • Providing consultancy on regulatory compliance in the energy market.

    • Staying abreast of regulations and ensuring company practices adhere to legal standards.

Trade Management

CTRM and ETRM System Consultancy

  • Offering consultancy for the configuration and establishment of Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

  • Guiding clients through the integration and optimization of these systems for efficient business operations.

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